Thursday, January 20, 2011

Second trial: Kaylantic 2009

Today only 400 miles (630km) left. 10 days will be enough? we will see.

Aleksander is paddling hard, but let me remind you previous trials to cross Altantic ocean taken by polish kayakers.

The first one was in 2004. Pawel Napierala and Aleksander Doba organized expedition which was stopped after two days because of problems with equipment (read a post: First trial...).

Second trial was in 2009. This time Pawel Napierala build special kayak and decided to paddle alone. Boat was made in laminated wood technology, what give her nice, old fashioned look. On January 2009, Pawel flied to Ivory Coast, where he planed to launch. Unfortunately after spending two weeks in Africa, he caught malaria, and had to cancel expedition.

For more details, visit website Kaylantic 2009.

Pawel Napierala, expedition Kaylantic 2009

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