Saturday, December 11, 2010

First trial: Kaylantic 2004

Have you known, that this expedition is actually the second trial taken by Aleksander? The first was in 2004.

Original idea to cross the Altantic from Africa to South America and use power of South Equatorial Current was presented by Paweł Napierała somewhere between 2000-2003. Pawel was rather unexperienced that days in sea kayaking, but his passion and brave idea attracted Aleksander Doba, who has already paddled thousands miles through the seas. 

The first attempt was in 2004. Pawel and Aleksander organized tandem expedition. They wanted to use two tandem kayaks (Prijon Excursion model, which is quite popular in Poland) and connect them with four pipes. On the platform constructed that way, they planed to set up the tent to sleep in. This low-cost plan failed on the ocean.

On December 10th, 2004, they launched their boats at city Tema in Ghana (see the map). For two days they were fighting with Guinea Current, which was pushing them to the East. They suffered problems with leakages  and with connecting boats to build the platform.

Finally, after the second night, they decided to break the expedition. They landed on the beach near Atitati village. Breaking waves destroyed kayaks and local natives stole most of the equipment (none of photos survived this landing).

Paweł Napierała and Aleksander Doba preparing to Kaylantic 2004. (

Kaylantic 2004. They plan to connect two tandem kayaks, and build platform where they can set up the tent.

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