Kayaking in Poland

Aleksander Doba is the famous polish paddler. This is not coincidence that the guy from Poland has such outstanding achievement.

Kayaking is very popular leisure activity in Poland. There are more than 10.000 km of small rivers and lakes hidden in the beautiful nature.


For those who are looking for something more active we have new kayak discipline named in polish "ZwaƂki". The rule is simple, you can not leave your boat, no matter how many trees are blocking the river. This is real fun !


In Poland everyone is kayaking (canoes are less popular). Even the most known Pole - John Paul II was a well known paddler in his early ages.

Sounds interesting? Visit Poland and see for yourself. We are modern, stable country in the middle of Europe. It is safe place to travel, and still cheaper comparing to the western european countries. We have tons of beautiful rivers, ... well ... not only rivers are beautiful. ;)

Typical view from kayak in Poland. [habazie.pl]