Aleksander Doba (born Sept. 9th, 1946) - polish traveler, paddler, explorer. One of the most experienced paddlers in Poland. During his life he successfully finished enormous number of kayak challenges. Sea kayaking is probably his favorite, but he also have fun on challenging white water (class 4-5). He paddled more than 64000km, where more that 10000 was seakayaking.
Aleksander Doba is living in Police (small city in NW part of Poland). Before retirement he used to work for chemical industry factory in Police. He is married to Gabriela, with two sons (Bartłomiej and Czesław). Recently become grandfather.

Short list of the most notable kayak achievements:
  • 1989, "Diagonal of Poland", 13 days, 1189 km.
  • 1998, "Kayak expedition around Germany and Denmark", 57 days, 2719 km
  • 1999, "Kayak expedition around Baltic Sea", 80 days, 4227 km
  • 2000, "Kayak expedition from Poland to the North Sea (Narvik), 101 days, 5369 km
  • 2003, "1st place in WhiteWater Kayaking Championships of Poland" 
  • 2009, "Circumnavigation of Baikal Lake",  41 days, 1954 km 
Favourite quotiation:
"Wake up early, you'll have a longer day" - my Dad

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