Tuesday, January 11, 2011

70 miles (115km) a day

Today I have very good news for Aleksander fans. He finally manages to get to South Equatorial Current. Yesterday the daily millage increased to impressive value 70 miles (115 km) - this is record value for this expedition. But the most important  is that he is paddling in exactly correct direction. :)

800 miles (1300km) left to Brazil, 11 days with yesterday's speed. I'm afraid that it will take longer, but 100 days limit is going to be possible.


  1. A través de esta página he seguido atento la épica travesía transatlántica de Alek Doba y la he difundido por medio de mi FB a los amantes del kayakismo en este austral país que es Chile. Vamos que se puede Doba!!

    Through this page I have closely followed the epic transatlantic journey Doba Alek and I have circulated through my FB to lovers of kayaking in this southern country that is Chile. Doba we can be!

  2. @Juan: Thanks for comment.
    Yesterday 4000km was passed. Now we know that it will be the longest kayak expedition in the history.