The history of kayak ocean crossing is quite short. There are only few known expeditions comparable with Aleksander Doba's "Transatlantic". During next two months I'm going to present you all of them.

Atlantic crossings by kayak:
  • 1928, Franz Romer (58 days, Canary to Virgin Islands)
  • 1956, Hannes Lindemann (72 days, Canary to Bahamas)
  • 2001, Peter Bray (76 days, New Foundland to Ireland)
Other notable kayak ocean expeditions:
  • 1987, Ed Gillet, Pacific ocean (63 days, California - Hawaii)
  • 2007, James Castrission, Justin James, Tasman Sea (62 days, Australia - New Zealand), 3318km
  • 2007, Andrew McCauley, Tasman Sea, tragically lost
Two posts about history were published: History 1, History 2

    Polish expeditions

    You should know that current expedition is the third attempt to cross Atlantic ocean by polish paddlers and the second trial made by Aleksander. Original idea to cross the Altantic from Africa to South America and use power of South Equatorial Current was presented by Paweł Napierała somewhere between 2000-2003. Pawel was rather unexperienced that days in sea kayaking, but his passion and brave idea attracted Aleksander Doba, who has already paddled thousands miles through the seas. 

    The first attempt was in 2004. Pawel and Aleksander organized tandem expedition. Read more in separate post.

    The second expedition was made by Pawel Napierala in 2009. Read more in the post entitled "Second trial ...".

    "Transatlantic" is the third polish trial. This time taken solo by Aleksander Doba. The expedition is very professionally prepared. Moreover it is hard to imagine paddler with higher experience than Aleksander. I strongly believe that  for full success only small piece of luck is needed.


    1. May God give you fair winds, following seas, mercy and blessing.

    2. You are great...can't imagine the scare...