Friday, October 29, 2010


Welcome to unofficial blog of Transatlantic kayak expedition.

My name is Bartosz Sawicki, and I'm friend of incredible paddler Aleksander Doda who is currently somewhere on the Altantic ocean. I strongly believe that his Transatlantic challenge is one of the biggest kayak expedition ever taken by human beings.

Unfortunately official expedition web page is rather poor and accessible only in polish language. So I decided to write this page for my english speaking friends.  I just can't stand situation where such amazing challenge is not noticed by international community. I'd like to support Aleksander Doba, and also, by the meantime, present you polish kayaking.

Please share information about Transaltantic challenge with your friends. Make comments, share excitement and enjoy this blog.

cheers, :)

ps. Note that english is my third language (after polish and russian), so please forgive me errors.
pps. You can see some ads on this page. I'm not expecting that it's going to make me rich. It is rather some kind of experiment entitled "how Google adsense service works".