Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good winds

It seems that finally Neptune decided to help our hero. For the last week Aleksander is moving constantly in good direction and with impressive daily distances. If he keeps this speed, he will stand on a dry land after 12 days.

But do not forget what was happening with his kayak during second month of the expedition. Weather could stop him for a long time. We also remember how Andrew McCauley died on Tasman sea, only 35 miles (55 km) from the coast. Without any doubts, after 84 days Aleksander is tired. He has to be very cautious not to make a stupid mistake.

Yesterday Aleksader called his wife. We know that he feels fine, good winds are helping to get to the Fortaleza. He said that he suffered some minor problems with skin, and had to spend a lot of time using manual watermaker. He is sending greetings for all followers.

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  1. It seems one can tell the sea state by the spacing between the Spot reports. Yesterday for a while they were at the normal 10min intervals.