Sunday, January 16, 2011

Raw fish and other snacks

We were afraid what would happen if expedition takes longer that 100 days (what is quite probable, today is 83 day, to Fortaleza 580 mi = 930 km). This limit is due to amount of food which were taken on OLO kayak. Recent message from Aleksander is answering for this problem. He told us not to worry about him. The ocean is full of life. Fishes, birds are easy to catch. Especially flying fish is often jumping into a kayak. Our paddler is reporting that they are tasteful when cooked, but also raw.

We shouldn't be worry about drinking water too. Although electric watermaker has broken two weeks ago, often rains allow him to accumulate water. He could also use manual watermaker, but it takes 4 hours to desalinate daily amount of water.


  1. Today only 840km to go!
    Good luck Aleksander.

  2. 840 km seems to be close, but weather forecast is very unstable for the region. He could be stopped by many stormy days. Let's hope that all problems are behind him.

  3. Is he paddling down-wind? Maybe a sail on the back frame..

  4. He doesn't have any sail. Whole expedition is just "power of paddle" :)