Ocean kayak 'OLO'. Picture from official webpage.
Boat name: OLO
Boat type: ocean kayak
Material: carbon-aramid laminate
Total length: 7.0m / 23 feet
Total width: 1.0m / 40 inches
Total weight (loaded): 550 kg / 1200 lbs
Power of engine: one paddler
Paddle length: 270 cm (8 feet 10 inches)
Number of spare paddles:2
Sailing equipment: none
Other equipment: all modern devices suitable for ocean expedition
Food: for 3 months

The kayak OLO was professionally designed and made in Andrzej Arminski shipyard located in Szczecin, Poland . It's unique design is compromise between safety during extreme ocean challenge, and feeling that it should be close to spirit of kayaking.

The most innovative part of the boat are hoops over the head of the paddler. They play several important roles.
  • It makes kayak self-righting, 
  • It makes boat unsinkable (special foam is inside), 
  • Solar panel is mounted on the top, 
  • Allows to mount sun-protection roof.
More pictures can be found on the official webpage.


    1. Do Aleksandra Doby,

      Pragnę serdecznie pogratulować dokonanego wyczynu.
      My, kajakiści z Argentyny, podziwiamy to - jakże doniosłe - wydarzenie.
      A ci z nas, którzy mają polskie korzenie, dodatkowo są dumni że dokonał go właśnie Polak!

      Ricardo Kruszewski,

    2. Other equipment: all modern devices suitable for ocean expedition ... ioceankayak.blogspot.com