Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Meeting with Dalia

Recently Aleksander called his wife and told a story about meeting with ship "DALIA". Ship crew spotted his kayak, changed direction to be closer (200meters). They waved, took some pictures, and finally gone away. Nice meeting in the middle of the ocean.

It was not difficult to verify this information (Google is your friend :))
Vessel DALIA is registered on webpage. We can find a lot of information about this Japanese ship. Currently she is on a way from SETUBAL, Portugal to CORONEL CHILE. Last position is from January 9th, on the South Atlantic close to Aleksander's location.

DALIA ship, location and course on Jan 9th.


  1. Hi, the current position link here leads to a blank Spot webpage. One has to register there and then search by name. The lat/lon positions allow one to extract further information using another webpage -

    Amazing the size of vessel Dalia and it's maneuverability.

    Good luck to Aleksander!

  2. @rmati424: Maybe, try different browser. I've checked on several different computers, and always link "Current position" works fine.

    You can also visit official polish map, which is updated usually more often that map on this blog.,-25.751953&spn=29.52911,39.506836&z=5

    Anyway, thanks for comment :)

  3. This Spot link works in FF browser:

  4. Strange ... I'm using FF too. My links should send you exactly to the same page as fullscreen in