Friday, January 28, 2011

Ocean rowing

Countdown to Fortaleza: 160 miles (260 km)

At the end of next week Aleksander should get to the America. He is paddling for 95 days, he did over 3100 miles (5000 km), alone, without any support - it is just incredible kayak achievement.

But there are guys who are crossing oceans around the world for more than 300 days. The rowers. Comparing to the kayakers, they have bigger boats, and more power in paddles. The longest solo row record belongs to Erden Eruç, from USA to Indonesia, 312 days on the ocean.

The Ocean Rowing Society keeps statistics for all rows. There were plenty of them, over 500. You can even find regular races across Altantic.


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    From recent SPOT positions one can see his course is veering away from target. The reason can be seen from customized RASP Wind forecast showing a constant 8-10kts from the South East:

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