Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm very tired

Today's message from Aleksander:
I'm very tired! I dream to finally finish, wherever it will be. I'm afraid that the south winds push me so I have to paddle for many days. No! I want to the dry land as soon as possible. My aim is Acarau, although it is a small fishing village, shoals and difficult entry to the river. Friends from Poland advice me get to Camocim, where should be more convenient, but I do not have the strenght ...

He has been paddling for 97 days (3260 miles, 5250 km). He has already broken all world records.
For us it's hard to imagine how tired he can be, but we know that the last stage of the expedition is very dangerous. Aleksander keep your concentration, till you will be completely safe.

Map on Feb 1st, 2am GMT


  1. I agree with Aleksander's friends that Camocim seems a much better place to arrive. I don't know how other people feel who have been following this trip, but I am nervous, indeed, for this last stretch. Once north of land, maybe the wind might be less?? Nevertheless, going an additional 30km to make it to Camocim seems the best. Come on Aleksander, hang in there.

  2. Actually, it's more than 50km. However, I am thinking of and praying for this courageous kayaker who deserves a warm welcome when he sets foot on land.

  3. 36km to Acaru as of 1802 GMT 01Feb. Will he heave-to for the night and land at daylight?

    FortalezaTides for 02 Feb:
    0100GMT low
    0728GMT high
    1330GMT low

  4. rmati424, thanks for tide forecast. I understand that he is now ferrying agaist the current, thats why he is moving very slowly. Last 20km could take 24 hours, or so.

  5. I noticed the recent dog-leg course - trying to time arrival or is current that strong?

    At 2122GMT positon is 27km out and his speed is 2km/hr. Sunrise 0840GMT. If someone had a strobe/flare on shore it would help now. Fingers crossed!

  6. The surf forecast for Fortaleza shows about 1m height for tomorrow.

  7. May I recommend donning life vest now - legs will be useless for a while.

  8. Windguru anunciando buen viento del E-NE para maƱana. Fuerza Aleksander.