Monday, February 7, 2011

Press coverage

Five days ago expedition was finished. After 99 days of continuous paddling, our hero is resting in the Brazil. Now journalists from all over the world are working to spread this amazing information. I'm not even trying to track all articles, but some of them are distinctive.

In Canoe&Kayak magazine Conor Mihell did tremendous job writing texts about Aleksander's expedition. It's really good piece of journalism.  You should definitely read them:
Also for C&K magazine Dave Costello commit "A rundown of history's great open-ocean kayak crossings": Big Shoes: The Trans Ocean Kayak Club. Actually he is confirming that Aleksander was fourth on the Altantic, but somehow he has forgotten about James Castrission's and Justin James' "Crossing the Ditch" from 2007.

News for wider audience has been published by Pete Thomas for (Yahoo group). Title: Kayaker, 64, completes marathon paddle across Atlantic

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