Friday, February 4, 2011

Photos of Hindu monk

I saw pictures from landing. Unfortunately all of them are strictly copyrighted an I can't publish it here.

Aleksander looks increadible, like a Hindu monk. Long hairs, dark skin and white smile. He is very slim but muscles are visible under the skin. Surrounded by positive energy :)

I've asked for permission to reprint some copies for you. Lets hope that media representative would like to support funs.

Update 1: There is a leak (low quality, copyright mark):

Update 2: Polish national TV channel (yestarday's evening the main news program):

Update 3: Canoe & Kayak Magazine published photo gallery. Take a look.


  1. Thank you for the post and leaked images. Who cares about all that orange text in the center! Great to have a sense of the landing and see Aleksander in good health.

  2. What a fantastic journey and adventure!!!
    Well done!!!

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