Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Less that 500 meters to the land! We have a message from guys on the beach that they have already seen him. Problem is that open beach isn't safe place to get ashore.

Aleksander's landing, Feb 2nd, 11am.

He has to find a way through the estuary of small river. Then paddle 5 km against the current to the village Acarau.


Update 1: Team from the beach reports that Aleksander is walking and stretching his muscles 2km from them. Because of tides, water level is very low, and kayak could stuck.

Update 2: Support team talked with Aleksander. Now he is paddling upstream (5km / 3mi) to the Acarau village, when official welcome party is organized.

 Update 3:
  • We still don't have official confirmation, but last GPS position (7pm local time)  is on a port shore in Acarau. He did it ! - Aleksander THE GREAT !
  • Tomorrow the press conference will be arranged in Fortaleza. We all are willingly waiting for photos and some words from Aleksander.
  • What a day :), long, exciting and finished with success! In Poland it is time to have some sleep.


  1. Bienvenido a América!!!!!
    Una hazaña que contaremos a nuestros hijos y nietos el resto de nuestra vida.

  2. Google Earth has low tide view in historical imagery:

    View>Historical Imagery>Sep9, 2004

    -2.81621, -40.13821

  3. rmati424: Thanks, your internet searching skills are incredible.

  4. Well done Aleksander!!

  5. Congratulations..!! You did a tremendous trip..I'm anxious to read your story about this trip. But first, relax..!! You must be a little tired...

  6. Viva Aleksander!
    Bem vindo ao Brasil! Welcome to Brazil!
    Very nice job!
    If you need some support in São Paulo, please contact me and i would be glad in helping you.
    The brazilian sea kayak community congratulates you!
    Christian Fuchs

  7. Paddler #1, congratulations! Looking forward to the first pictures!!

  8. Fantastic - well done, Alexander. What an achievement!

  9. Espectacular Aleksander !
    Congratulations, you are the best.

  10. It looks like he is now on his way downtown, in the afternoon, the perfect time to arrive for a party!

  11. They should welcome him with a glass of cold beer. He would enjoy !

  12. Well done :)

    Greetings to Aleksander from Russia! We followed you :)
    Please post recent news and pictures here. I wonder what a man would feel after SUCH a trip. Maybe we could hear that from Aleksander?

  13. Priviet Legalizer,
    Last year Aleksander did solo expedition around Baikal Lake in Russia. He has tremendous memories from your country.

  14. A HERO:
    Congratulations for this incredible achievement! You are an incredible sportsman. If the youths adopt this kind of “idols” the world will soon become a better place to live.
    I have been following your incredible journey almost from the beginning. During last 3 months each day I went to paddle my soul flew to the ocean and was paddling with you. Every day I checked avidly the blogs eager for news about you and lately drove mad all the people around me (workmates/family/friends) with phrases like: “Look what has happened lately to my friend the polish”.
    The elegancy of your arrival, waiting for the tide and paddling those last 5 km (instead of throwing yourself into the beach) flourished the end of your amazing feat.
    As we needed extra room to accommodate the growing family, yesterday a canoe joined the family fleet. This boat will be solemnly baptized “Olek” so the story of your journey will be spread to anybody who asks the reason for the name.
    Warm regards from Tigre, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  15. GRANDE ALEKSANDER!!! Bem vindo ao Brasil!!

  16. congratulation to him, it was soo long and great journey :)