Monday, November 29, 2010

Waiting for better weather

Last 10 days was very hard for Aleksander. He sent a message: Storm by storm. They hit every few hours, all day and night. I can't keep direction.

10 days track

Currently he is paddling to the north. Probably (we don't have confirmation) he wants to run away the from storm zone and wait for better weather.

Todays weather map. It seems that is should be better for few days.
In my opinion he needs one week window, to jump across the storm zone. Weather in South Atlantic is stable, and much more friendly for the paddler. Moreover he will finally catch South Equatorial Current, which will take him directly to the Brazil.

Todays satellite image is quite optimistic. Sky over Gulf of Guinea is nearly clear, so forecast is promising. We will see ... keep fingers crossed!

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