Friday, November 12, 2010

Fighting with Equatorial Counter

Kayak OLO is now 390 miles (630 km) from the coast of Africa. Nearly 330 miles (530km) left to the turning point, but this will take two or three weeks of hard paddling. Currently Aleksander is breaking trough  Equatorial Counter Current which is pushing him South-East. Just beyond the turning point he will catch South Equatorial, and situation will improve dramatically.
South Equatorial is strong current with surface velocity up to 30 cm/s = 1 km/h  = 15 miles/day. It's quite interesting how scientists track currents using buoys. As a result we get very detailed map of the current.

Ocean currents on Atlantic (from Wikipedia).
To read more about currents on Atlantic visit Wikipedia topic "Ocean current". Explanation why Aleksander chosen such way of crossing, you will find on Route page.

Remember that map on this blog is updated manually, but you can always check the most current location of Aleksander using SPOT website.

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  1. Awesome stuff! Good luck and safe paddles, from Sydney Australia. Cheers - FP