Sunday, November 21, 2010

25 days report

Next week has gone and now Aleksander is paddling for 25 days. Current position is 680 miles (1100km) from Dakar, and 1200 miles (1900km) to Fortaleza, what means that he has passed over 1/3 of the whole route.
The strong east winds (average 4B) are compensating drift caused by Equatorial Counter Current, so Aleksander decided to slightly change his strategy. Now he directing his kayak to Brazil, not to the turning point (what was planned before expedition started). This is very reasonable decision since turning point was set to make shorter paddling against Equatorial Counter. With east wind, current is not a problem any more, so the shortest, straight line route should be chosen.
Nothing special happened during last days. Days are similar, very hot and a lot of hard paddling. We know that all equipment is working perfectly (especially watermaker). We also know about one severe storm, which made him feel like a snail hidden in a shell.

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