Wednesday, November 3, 2010

First week summary

The first week of expedition has finished. During last 7 days Aleksander paddled over 270 miles (430 km) in open ocean. This gives strong daily average (40mi / 60km). With this speed he should get to the Brazil in 50 days.

Another good news is that currently he is over 160mi (250km) from Africa coast. Such distance is enough to say that he is safe from accidental contacts with pirates boats.

According to the official webpage: Aleksander has reported that the weather is nice. He spotted several dolphins, sharks and natives boats. There are no any problems with kayak and other equipment.

Actually, real track length is 310mi (500km).  So we should expect that total length of the challenge will be around 3800 miles ( 6100 km ). With this result, it definitely will be the longest kayak non-stop, ocean challenge in the history.

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