Monday, February 7, 2011

Press coverage

Five days ago expedition was finished. After 99 days of continuous paddling, our hero is resting in the Brazil. Now journalists from all over the world are working to spread this amazing information. I'm not even trying to track all articles, but some of them are distinctive.

In Canoe&Kayak magazine Conor Mihell did tremendous job writing texts about Aleksander's expedition. It's really good piece of journalism.  You should definitely read them:
Also for C&K magazine Dave Costello commit "A rundown of history's great open-ocean kayak crossings": Big Shoes: The Trans Ocean Kayak Club. Actually he is confirming that Aleksander was fourth on the Altantic, but somehow he has forgotten about James Castrission's and Justin James' "Crossing the Ditch" from 2007.

News for wider audience has been published by Pete Thomas for (Yahoo group). Title: Kayaker, 64, completes marathon paddle across Atlantic

Friday, February 4, 2011

Photos of Hindu monk

I saw pictures from landing. Unfortunately all of them are strictly copyrighted an I can't publish it here.

Aleksander looks increadible, like a Hindu monk. Long hairs, dark skin and white smile. He is very slim but muscles are visible under the skin. Surrounded by positive energy :)

I've asked for permission to reprint some copies for you. Lets hope that media representative would like to support funs.

Update 1: There is a leak (low quality, copyright mark):

Update 2: Polish national TV channel (yestarday's evening the main news program):

Update 3: Canoe & Kayak Magazine published photo gallery. Take a look.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


It is officially confirmed now:
The expedition "Transatlatic" by Aleksander Doba has successfully finished yesterday.

Yesterday's evening Aleksander spent with friends, celebrating his outstanding success. In local restaurant he ordered the cold beer and seafoods with fresh vegetables. The Man :)

We also have some official statistics:
  • The first touch to the dry land in Brazil, Feb 2nd, 2011, 2:10pm local time
  • The end of the expedition in port of Acarau: 5:50pm
  • Total distance: 3345 miles = 5384 km
  • Total time: 99 days, 6 hours, 20 minutes
Today Aleksander has medical examination and the press conference in Fortaleza. We are all waiting for photos and comment from Aleksander.

For me this is not coincidence that the polish paddler has such incredible accomplishment. Read more about Kayaking in Poland.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Less that 500 meters to the land! We have a message from guys on the beach that they have already seen him. Problem is that open beach isn't safe place to get ashore.

Aleksander's landing, Feb 2nd, 11am.

He has to find a way through the estuary of small river. Then paddle 5 km against the current to the village Acarau.


Update 1: Team from the beach reports that Aleksander is walking and stretching his muscles 2km from them. Because of tides, water level is very low, and kayak could stuck.

Update 2: Support team talked with Aleksander. Now he is paddling upstream (5km / 3mi) to the Acarau village, when official welcome party is organized.

 Update 3:
  • We still don't have official confirmation, but last GPS position (7pm local time)  is on a port shore in Acarau. He did it ! - Aleksander THE GREAT !
  • Tomorrow the press conference will be arranged in Fortaleza. We all are willingly waiting for photos and some words from Aleksander.
  • What a day :), long, exciting and finished with success! In Poland it is time to have some sleep.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

8 hours left

Only 15 miles (25 km) left to the beaches of Acarau. 15 miles means for Aleksander 8 hours. Now it is 9:30 pm in Brazil, so he should be get to the shore at 5:30am tomorrow local time (Wednesday, Feb 3rd).
Tomorrow sunrise in Fortaleza will be at 05:40, so he will probably wait a little bit, not to risk landing in the dark.

Now we could guess statistics for whole expedition:
 - total time on the ocean: 98 days, 20 hours
 - total distance by GPS: 3320 miles (5340 km)

For the most actual position visit Aleksander profile on Spot service.

Thank to rmati424 we have two very important informations:
 - tides for tommorow: 0100GMT low, 0728GMT high, 1330GMT low
 - forecast for surfers says about 1m waves for this beach.

And finally, in the latest message Aleksander sends greetings for every follower.

Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm very tired

Today's message from Aleksander:
I'm very tired! I dream to finally finish, wherever it will be. I'm afraid that the south winds push me so I have to paddle for many days. No! I want to the dry land as soon as possible. My aim is Acarau, although it is a small fishing village, shoals and difficult entry to the river. Friends from Poland advice me get to Camocim, where should be more convenient, but I do not have the strenght ...

He has been paddling for 97 days (3260 miles, 5250 km). He has already broken all world records.
For us it's hard to imagine how tired he can be, but we know that the last stage of the expedition is very dangerous. Aleksander keep your concentration, till you will be completely safe.

Map on Feb 1st, 2am GMT

Sunday, January 30, 2011

New landing point

Distance to the coast: 50 miles (80 km)

It is really very close :). On Tuesday, February 1st, Aleksander should get to the shore. There is small change in plans, officially confirmed by him in the last message. Because of strong current and winds, he will land slightly to to the west from Fortaleza.

Adjusted prediction for new get off point.